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  • Head Office: Áras Chill Dara Devoy Park Naas Co Kildare W91 X77F


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Housing Contacts:


Appointment Only
Tuesday,Wednesday 9am - 1pm

045 980705

Homeless Services

Appointment Only
Monday to Friday 9am - 1pm

045 980230

Housing Grants

Appointment Only
Wednesday 9am - 1pm

045 980480


Appointment Only
Monday to Friday 9.30am to 11.30am
Level 1

045 980818

Loans/Tenant Purchase/Conveyancing

Appointment Only
Monday to Friday 2pm to 4pm
Level 1

045 980780


Appointment Only
Monday to Friday 2pm to 4pm
Level 1

045 980870

Rent/Travellers Accommodation

Appointment Only
Monday to Friday 2pm to 4pm
Level 1

045 980991

Housing Maintenance

045 980998

045 980200


How does HAP work?

To qualify for HAP, you must first be approved for Social Housing Support and on the waiting list. Housing applicants must source their own private rented accommodation(within specific rent caps – see link below) 

The Local Authority will pay the landlord directly, the last Wednesday of each month. The amount of rent paid to the landlord will vary, depending on your family composition. The tenant will pay rent to the local authority based on the differential rent scheme. 

The rent will be based on your weekly household income in line with the differential rents charged for local authority houses.  

How can I get an application form for HAP Scheme?

NB: You must be approved for Social Housing Support before you can apply for HAP.

You can contact the HAP Team for an application via email or 045 980818, please advise if you are a tenant or landlord and include your PPSN.You can apply via the HAP Portal Online HAP Portal or visit

Can I rent a property that costs more than the HAP rate?

Tenants can pay a top-up to the landlord over the amount HAP will pay, however this must be affordable for the tenant. The amount of Top-up when added to the HAP Differential Rent must not be more than 30% of your Net income if unemployed or 35% if currently working.  

It is advised that you check with the HAP team  before signing a lease/rent agreement. Rental costs of over 30/35% may be refused.


What are the HAP processing times? 

A HAP application will only be validated when both Part A and Part B of the application have been submitted with all requested documentation. The tenant will be issued an email confirming when their validation date is. 

Processing time for a HAP application is 6/8 weeks from the validation date. 

For updates on HAP applications, please contact the HAP team via phone 045 980818 or email 

Can I contact the HAP Team by phone? 

The HAP phone clinic operates from 10.30pm-12.30pm, Monday-Friday.

Can I make an appointment? 

Appointments can be made from 9.30pm-11.30pm, Monday – Friday. 

What if the Landlord increases my rent?

A Notice of Rent review form must be given to the tenant, giving 90 Day’s notice of the proposed increase. 

The tenant can email or post this  and it will be validated and if necessary, a re-calculation of the HAP payment will be done.

What if my income changes? 

If a HAP tenant has had a change of income, they must request a Rent Declaration form from the HAP team or here.Once a valid Rent Declaration form has been submitted, along with supporting documentation, the differential rent will be re-calculated.

What if my family unit changes?

For an increase in family size, tenants must first update their Social Housing file. This can be done by contacting our Assessments team and providing the birth certificate and PPSN for the new family member, if adding a child. 

If you wish to add or remove a partner a full update may be required. 

Contact the Assessments Team vie email or via phone 045 980870. 

Once the update has been completed by Assessments, HAP can look to re-calculate the amount of rent paid to the landlord. 

What if I receive a Notice to Quit?

Any notice to quit must be given to the tenant in the correct format in writing. This should then be forwarded to the HAP team for . 

How do I cease a HAP Tenancy?

Tenants wishing to cease their HAP tenancy are requested to notify the HAP team on the day they give the keys back to the landlord.

What if my account is in arrears?

If a Tenant receives a letter from Limerick regarding outstanding Arrears, they must contact the Debt Collection Unit in HAP Limerick on 061 556651 as payments are not processed by Kildare County Council.Tenants can now download the HAP App, where they can review their accounts, request statements, and make payments.