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Kildare Food, Beverage, and Hospitality Strategy 2021 – 2023

The focus of our Kildare Food, Beverage, and Hospitality Strategy 2021 - 2023 is grounded in a smart and green recovery based on digitisation, climate action and exploiting new opportunities. We will play to our local strengths while also seeking to align with EU, national, and regional best practices, and policies. 

By working in partnership with the industry, the community and stakeholder agencies, we have no doubt that, across our 41 Actions, we can deliver upon our ambitious targets

 KFBH Strategy


The objectives of our Strategy are firmly focused on 41 Actions through which we will realise:

  • Accelerating the economic transformation, revitalisation and sustainable development of food, beverage Accelerate the economic transformation, revitalisation and sustainable development of food, beverage, and hospitality sectors in County Kildare.
  • Broaden Kildare's economic base by growing employment share taken up FoodTech, AgTech and the broader bioeconomy orientated activities.  
  • Rooted in primary production, our strategy will fast-track Agri-diversification, adding value to primary produce and strengthen local food supply systems.
  • Secure funding investment for the capital development of the Athy Food, Beverage & Skills Innovation Hub to be fully operational by end of 2022.  
  • Launch and upskill Kildare's first food trade network in 2021 and source funding to resource Kildare Food and Drink Network for a three-year cluster building programme.
  • Increase innovation capacity building of 60 businesses through securing funding for the employment of an experienced Food Innovation Specialist.
  • Equip 30 food and beverage SMEs and hospitality businesses to digitise their business models and increase online sales.
  • Rebuild our hospitality sector through training and retaining, collaborative marketing through Taste of Kildare food trails and events. Establish food showcase opportunities in prominent retail, equine, and tourism facilities.
  • Conduct an analysis of food employment and skills gaps in Kildare and prepare a needs responsive training plan.
  • Instigate tailored programmes for youth and long term unemployed. Build the local culinary and hospitality talent pool with 450 learners progressing their skills within 3 years.
  • Develop the Discovery Centre at the Athy Food, Beverage & Skills Innovation Hub to provide community and schools outreach education in healthy eating, career pathways (emphasis on non-formal routes) and sustainable living. Provide experiential learning for 400 children and young people and 10 communities.
  • Cross cutting focus on sustainability and climate action. Focus on business opportunities driven by Climate Action and Sustainability.  Collaborate with Kildare County Council in the delivery of their Climate Adaptation Strategy (2019-2024) as pertains to the food and hospitality sector.
  • Increase knowledge of EU funding opportunities, build EU partners network, upskill in application development

Kildare Food, Beverage & Hospitality Strategy 2021-2023

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