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Solvents Regulation and Deco Paints Regulations

If you are a dry-cleaner, vehicle refinisher or if you use solvents in your business activity then the Solvents (VOC) Regulations or the Deco-Paints Regulations may be applicable to you.  These Regulations are enforced by the Environment Section of Kildare County Council.

To find out if they are relevant to your activity, contact the Environment Section on 045-980588 or check the information available on the EPA website at the following link:


Organic Compounds from Solvents

Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds from Solvents Regulations 2002, S.I. No. 543 of 2002, is replaced by S.I. No. 565 of 2012 - European Union (Installations and Activities using Organic Solvents) Regulations 2012.

Regulations governing solvent emissions are now in force.  These oversee the emission of solvent vapours from 20 specified activities and bring the activities of much smaller businesses under the control of the local authorities.  Implementation and guidance have been developed as part of the National Waste Prevention Programme.  Threshold / Emission limit values apply and in some cases application to the EPA for an IE Licence may be required.

 Businesses affected include, but are not limited to;

  • Vehicle refinishing companies that carry out original coating of road vehicles or trailers
  • Dry cleaners

The updated registers, for both vehicle refinishers and dry cleaners are available at the end of this page.

Additional information is given below and is also available at the following link


Decorative Paints

The Directive on the Limitations of Emissions due to the use of organic solvents in certain Paints, Varnishes and Vehicle Refinishing Products, (Decorative Paints Directive) aims to reduce the risk of exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOC) to human health and the environment. Directive 2004/42/EC limits the VOC content of many paints, primers, and solvents in widely used products. The Directive was enacted into Irish law by the Limitation of Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds due to the use of certain Paints, Varnishes and Vehicle Refinishing Products Regulations 2007. This has been replaced by S.I. No. 564 of 2012 - European Union (Paints, Varnishes, Vehicle Refinishing Products and Activities) Regulations 2012.


Petrol Storage and Distribution (VOC permits) 

Petrol storage installations involved in the loading of petrol into, or unloading of petrol from, mobile containers are required to apply for a permit

The EPA oversees regulations to control volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions resulting from petrol storage and distribution terminals, by issuing VOC permits under the Environmental Protection Agency Act, 1992 (Control of volatile organic compound emissions resulting from the storage of petrol and its distribution) Regulations, 1997 S.I. No. 374 of 1997.


To find out information in relation to VOC permits the following links are provided to the EPA website

       Details in relation to existing Permits

       How to apply for a VOC Permit


Other services offered by the EPA in relation to VOC emissions