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Kidare Holy Wells Survey

There are over seventy known holy wells in County Kildare, but there may be more. We would like to hear from anyone who knows of a well, its history, cures, traditions, pattern days and location before September 2021. Members of the public can contact the project team via the email address: kildarewells@gmail.com or the survey below. Any information will be added to the Kildare Holy Wells database, which will result in a publication and an easily accessible digital map on Heritage Maps.

The Kildare Wells Project is led by Heritage Officer Bridget Loughlin of Kildare County Council. The project is funded by the Heritage Council under the County Heritage Plan Fund and is in cooperation with the Kildare Library Service and Archaeology Plan.

An online survey has been developed to gather information here: https://consult.kildarecoco.ie/en/content/holy-wells-survey-kildare

The online survey will close on 31st September 2021. If you have any questions or comments about the survey or further information about the wells please email us at kildarewells@gmail.com