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Built Heritage, Archaeology and Monuments

Protection of Archaeology Heritage

Archaeological Heritage

Archaeology is the study of past societies through the examination of material remains left by human activity. County Kildare has a rich and varied archaeological heritage.

Record of Monuments and Places

The National Monuments and Historic Properties Service, carries out the Archaeological Survey of Ireland. All known sites and monuments are identified and listed for protection in the Record of Monuments and Places, a statutory inventory of sites protected under the National Monuments Acts.

The Record of Monuments and Places is a set of 6" maps of County Kildare with an accompanying index which shows all the sites, monuments and zones of archaeological potential, recorded to date and protected in the county. The inventory concentrates on pre 1700 AD sites.

The Record of Monuments and Places is available to the public at the Planning Office, Heritage Office and Libraries of Kildare County Council.

Only a small section of our ancient monuments are in state ownership. The remainder are protected by the state under the National Monuments Acts but the care and preservation of these features depends largely on the interests and respect of the individual landowner.